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Absolutely alfie and the furry purry secret

Author: Sally Warner, Illustrator: Shearry Malone

In this entertaining spin-off of the EllRay Jakes series, Warner turns her focus to EllRay’s younger sister, seven-year-old Alfie, as she prepares to start second grade. Testing her boundaries, Alfie secretly brings home a kitten, breaking a family rule (her mother thinks Alfie is allergic). Alfie’s spirited interactions with EllRay and Hanni, a know-it-all friend in the making, add further spice to the plot. Accented by Malone’s simple b&w line drawings, it’s an emotionally incisive story; Alfie is headstrong, thoughtful, and able to own up to her missteps (eventually). - Publishers Weekly

absolutely alfie and the first week friends

Author: Sally Warner, Illustrator: Shearry Malone

Alfie Jakes's summer was better than she expected. Even though her best friend Lulu was away on vacation, she found a new friend in her next door neighbor, Hanni. Hanni even let her take home a kitten! Now that second grade is about to start and Lulu is back in town, Alfie is worried. All she wants is for her trio to be first week friends, but what if Lulu and Hanni don't get along? Her secret first week, second grade wish is for them to become friends. What if Alfie's wish comes true--but with a twist she didn't see coming? - Google eBooks

absolutely alfie and the best worst sleepover

Author: Sally Warner, Illustrator: Shearry Malone

Second grader Alfie Jakes knows that when it comes to some friendships, one day you're in, and the next you're out. When Alfie's former best friend, Lulu, announces that she's hosting thebest sleepover ever--and that she's only allowed to invite six girls--Alfie desperately wants to go but is not sure she'll be one of the lucky few. Lulu's classmates are doing all they can to win her favor, a task that often ends in tears. Can Alfie convince her used-to-be best friend that a party is better when everyone is invited--or will she get herself uninvited instead? - Amazon